go trekkingの例文


  1. It isn't even necessary to go trekking electronically from shop to shop on line.
  2. Linh said the reason that made everybody go trekking is, " Sometimes, life is a pile of shit.
  3. You can go trekking into mountains or caves where spiritual realizations are gained through survival, or go on a pilgrimage to a sacred site.
  4. "He should go trekking for trash on the back streets of our community to see how many syringes he can find, " said Milena Archuleta, 16, a junior.
  5. The urge to go trekking to far-off places can be considerably diminished by films that, even if sketchy, give the armchair tourist a fairly good idea of what it's like being there, but without the burdens of luggage and surly waiters.


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