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  1. jukei played the role of the go-between for his third son , nizaemon xv .
  2. he subsequently approached katsuie shibata , who stood in opposition to hideyoshi , and acted as go-between in the wedding of katsuie and oichi no kata , his aunt .
  3. there is a note saying , ' hosshinshu (tales of awakening ) is a good go-between between a true friend and one in a cloistered life ' which the term kankyo no tomo is considered to have originated from .
  4. an aspect of arrangements for marriage at that time is described vividly as akoki , who was a nyobo (court lady ) serving the himegimi , acted as a romantic go-between through her husband , tatewaki .
  5. later , saito married tokio takagi with the support of katamori as ue-nakodo (a go-between after the engagement ) and kambe sagawa and heijiemon kurasawa as shita-nakodo (a go-between from the marriage meeting to the engagement ).


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