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  1. Landmark book publications defined the scope and goals of the discipline, including Naveh and Lieberman and Forman and Godron.
  2. Godron studied medicine at the University of Strasbourg, and during his career distinguished himself in natural sciences as well as in the field of medicine.
  3. Here he established a natural history museum and reorganized its botanical garden ( now the " Jardin Dominique Alexandre Godron ", renamed in his honor ).
  4. The "'Jardin Dominique Alexandre Godron "'( 1 hectare ) is a historic botanical garden located at 3 rue Sainte-Catherine, Lorraine, France.
  5. Provincial Court Judge Eugene Lewchuk ruled that Evangeline Godron, 64, and Kathleen Rice, 42, didn't offend community standards when they took their tops off in public.


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