1. Le Gouvello said as she recuperated after the voyage.
  2. Several hundred people, including government officials, greeted Le Gouvello on her arrival in the port city of Papeete and welcomed her with Polynesian songs.
  3. Rafaela Le Gouvello, a French woman who had already windsurfed across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, completed the 4, 455-mile ( 7, 169-kilometer ) journey from Peru to Tahiti on Sunday.
  4. Her 25.6-foot ( 7.8-meter ) board was equipped with a sleeping compartment, telephone, radio and a global positioning system that monitored her progress, according to Le Gouvello's Web site.
  5. "I don't like it very much the way they look down at you from so high up, " said Ann-Henri Le Gouvello, 55, who owns a soup company in Rambouillet, France, and who uses a four-door Mercedes-Benz 300GE _ hardly a subcompact _ to drive to Paris or go hunting near his Rambouillet home.


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