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  1. The footpath to Cambridge that runs beside Grantchester Meadows is nicknamed the Grantchester Grind.
  2. ""'Grantchester Meadows "'" is the second track from the studio disc of the experimental Pink Floyd album " Ummagumma ."
  3. The lyrics describe a pastoral and dream-like scene at the Grantchester meadows in Cambridgeshire, close to where fellow band member David Gilmour lived at the time.
  4. The club was initially founded in 1855, then called the Cambridge University Swimming Club CUSC . Initially it had no swimming pool and thus training took place in the River Cam at the University Swimming Bathing Sheds at Grantchester Meadows.
  5. The band has been selling out everywhere, while jamming on early Floyd tunes such as " Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun " and " Grantchester Meadows " ( from 1969's psychedelic album, " Ummagumma " ), along with later tunes from " Dark Side of the Moon,"


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