grave sightの例文


  1. In 2011-2012, " Grave Sight " was adapted into graphic novel format by Dynamite Comics in three volumes.
  2. In October 2010, it was announced Harper Connelly's series had been optioned for a television series named " Grave Sight ".
  3. October 2005 marked the debut of Harris's new series entitled The Harper Connelly Mysteries, with the release of " Grave Sight ".
  4. ""'Grave Sight " "'is the first of four novels in The Harper Connelly Mysteries by American Ozark mountains, only to encounter a complex network of lies and murders.
  5. Rajko built a fence around the site to ensure that Cows would not walk over the grave and graze the land above it . within the next weeks, Rajko's Cancer disappeared . since that instance, people from the village and the surrounding areas have come to pray at the grave sight.


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