greaser dogsの例文


  1. In an episode of the Nickelodeon television series CatDog, there is an entire story based on the debutante of the character Shriek, a member of a gang called the Greaser Dogs who happens to come from a wealthy family.
  2. Look for a Pull and Pose CatDog, with plush heads and a stretchable accordion body, retailing for $ 19.99 . Toon Team Packs feature 6-inch plush figures, including the Greaser Dogs _ Cliff, Shriek and Lube _ for $ 14.99 . CatDog Ride-on Bicycle, sized for CatDog, has loops attached to the bicycle's handles and pedals for CatDog's paws for $ 10.99 . And Stretchy CatDog, made entirely of latex, sells for $ 7.99.


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