greeting kissの例文


  1. Female visi tors hide drugs and pass them to prisoners when they give a greeting kiss.
  2. No official work was conducted then, though his presence and a greeting kiss for Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass showed Arafat's keen desire to restore relations.
  3. In numerous subsequent meetings, the great cellist always made me feel that I was an important friend, and he never, never forgot his famous bearhug and double-cheeked greeting kisses.
  4. Arafat angered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials Wednesday when he gave a customary greetings kiss to Hamas organizer Abdel-Aziz Rantisi in the first of two days of unity meetings.
  5. Arafat had a greeting kiss for Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass, who less than a year ago called Arafat " the son of 60, 000 whores " for making concessions to Israel.


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