ground navigationの例文


  1. "We are relooking at alternatives, keeping more ground navigation aids, and we are revalidating our cost-benefit study, " says Steven Zaidman, associate administrator for Research and Aquisitions.
  2. Mahon said the single, dominant and effective cause of the crash was Air New Zealand's alteration of the flight plan waypoint coordinates in the ground navigation computer without advising the crew.
  3. Critics say the FAA spends too much time supporting sophisticated airborne technology, while paying little attention to a ground navigation system described by one expert as " right out of the Flintstones ."
  4. Without ground navigation hardware to purchase, the total cost of publishing a runway's WAAS approach is approximately US $ 50, 000; compared to the $ 1, 000, 000 to $ 1, 500, 000 cost to install an ILS radio system.


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