ground-based radarの例文


  1. General specification for feeder subsystem of ground - based radar
  2. Radar equipped in an airplane has many merits such as seeing things beyond the visibility of ground - based radar , flexibility in application . it plays an important part and is widely used in national defence
  3. Then , a novel polarization discrimination algorithm of active multi - decoy and radar target is designed and computer simulations indicated that ground - base radar system is possessed of the discriminatory ability of active multi - decoy and radar target
  4. Rainfall and vertical profile of hydrometers are retrieved for land and ocean using tmi 1b11 data . the comparison of retrievals of gprof v6 . 1 and v6 . 2 with ground - based radar and gauge data on land and pr data on ocean show that the gprof - v6 algorithm can retrieve rain intensity much well and indicate vertical distribution of hydrometers mainly . as far as retrieved precipitation area , it is better for convective precipitation type than stratified precipitation type


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