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  1. In 2010, Guvna B won the MOBO Award for Best Gospel Act.
  2. Guvna B was born in London, England in June 1989, to Ghanaian parents from Accra.
  3. The network aims to air'relevant youth programming'that comprises series and events from Leeland; Switchfoot; Rend Collective Experiment; Jars of Clay; Guvna B and New World Son.
  4. Christian hip hop is also embraced and performed in the United Kingdom, by Gospel rappers including, Melvillous, Jahaziel, Dwayne Tryumf, Guvna B, Triple O, Sammy G, Simply Andy, MpFree and Just C.
  5. "' Guvna B "'is a UK-based Urban contemporary gospel rap artist and composer who has four independent album releases, including " Odd 1 Out " which was the first rap album to top the Official Christian & Gospel Albums Chart.


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