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  1. The riding returned to the Progressive Conservatives in 1997, with candidate Guy Boutilier decisively defeating his Liberal challenger.
  2. Fort McMurray Mayor Guy Boutilier said Friday . " But we're assuring our citizens that there really is no need for that because supplies are coming in ."
  3. The defections moved the Wildrose Party past the New Democrats to become the third largest party in the Legislature, Guy Boutilier joined the Wildrose Alliance on June 24, 2010.
  4. It was a net increase of thirteen seats for the party, although two of the four Wildrose incumbents ( Guy Boutilier and Paul Hinman ) were defeated by their PC challengers.
  5. The first election held that year saw Fort McMurray incumbent Progressive Conservative MLA Guy Boutilier win the new seat with a landslide over four other candidates to pick it up for his party.


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