guy bovetの例文


  1. Specializes early organ music in Salamanca ( with Guy Bovet and Montserrat Torrent ).
  2. At the same time, the resident organist was exposed to the teaching methods of the visiting organist ( among them Peter Hurfort, Luigi F . Tagliavini, Guy Bovet, Stanislas Deriemaeker, Hans and Martin Haselb鯿k ).
  3. With the number of playable instruments steadily increasing, the possibility was discussed with Guy Bovet when performing for the 7th time at the International Bamboo Organ Festival in 2010, to make the existence of an Iberian organ tradition in the Philippines known to the rest of the world by means of a recording.
  4. He studied piano in Florence with Rosanita Racugno and Marco Vavolo, organ in Florence with Mariella Mochi and Alessandro Albenga, organ improvisation with Fausto Caporali and Stefano Rattini in Cremona, harpsichord in Rome with Francesco Cera and, in specializing master courses, with Ton Koopman, Matteo Imbruno, Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini, Luca Scandali, Giancarlo Parodi, Stefano Innocenti, Klemens Schnorr, Ludger Lohmann, Michel Bouvard, Monika Henking, and Guy Bovet.


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