have in viewの例文


  1. To defend our country until we shed every drop of our blood in order to obtain the victory we have in view . 3.
  2. In prosperity he was not too much elated, but held a temperate and uniform course, having in view only the independence of the United States and the safety of his country.
  3. FBI documents withheld from the defense looked much less crucial than they might have in view of his admission that he planted the Oklahoma City bomb, experts said Wednesday after a judge in Denver refused to postpone McVeigh's scheduled June 11 execution.
  4. It updates and complements the previous  Synthetic Theory having in view that the natural selection underlined by Charles Darwin is to be applied only to phenotype, so that certain phenomena ( such as lethal mutations ) were not sufficiently taken into account by this old model.
  5. Seeing that he, Feisal, had very little to do with the " conquest " of Damascus, the suggested triumphal entry did not appeal to me very much but, having in view the fact that the Arabs were to have the Administration of the City, I thought it would not do any harm and gave permission accordingly.


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