1. Dr . Walt Kagan, an oncologist with Commonwealth Hemotology Oncology in Quincy, said his practice has unpaid claims he sent to Harvard Pilgrim in 1997.
  2. Hemotology and Oncology of Long Island, a physicians group in New Hyde Park, said Oxford was $ 417, 000 behind in payments as of Feb . 1.
  3. Victor Herbert, M . D ., Chief of the Mount Sinai Hemotology and Nutrition Laboratory in New York, New York argues that recurring blood shortages could end in 24 hours if blood banks would accept and donate blood from hemochromatosis patients.
  4. Yuet Wai Kan, a professor of hemotology at the University of California, Stuart H . Orkin, professor of pediatric medicine at the Children's Hospital, Boston and David J . Weatherall, professor of medicine at the University of Oxford will be presented with their prizes Friday evening in Lugano, Switzerland.


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