hideaki kaseの例文


  1. Hideaki Kase, a foreign affairs commentator, said in this week's Shukan Shincho magazine.
  2. In the words of Hideaki Kase, an influential member of Nippon Kaigi, " We are dedicated to our conservative cause.
  3. The original Japanese books were created through the collaboration of Japanese writer Hideaki Kase and Marvin Tokayer, an Orthodox American rabbi serving in Japan in the 1960s and 70s.
  4. Flash forward to modern-day Tokyo, where Harvard-educated commentator and historian Hideaki Kase's film " Pride, " which glorifies Tojo, has been a smash hit.
  5. Speaking at the house of Hideaki Kase, a leading conservative intellectual, Fujimori said he had never bothered to hire defense lawyers _ partly because he could not afford them, and partly because he saw the charges brought against him in Peru as politically motivated.


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