high combの例文


  1. The Sporting Model had a lightweight 24-inch barrel and an elegant gloss-finished stock of figured walnut with a slender, tapering capped forearm, pronounced pistol grip, high comb and cheekpiece, and fancy checkering.
  2. High combs and vertical pistol grips are ideal for high mounted target sights or scopes and careful, deliberate shooting such as encountered in traditional target shooting, metallic silhouette, or varmint hunting, as they provide a maximum point blank range and ideal trigger control.
  3. A "'mantilla "'is a traditional Spanish lace or silk veil or shawl worn over the head and shoulders, often over a high comb called a " peineta ", popular with women in Spain . the shape, design and use are different form an ordinary veil.
  4. The Iban Dayak female traditional attire comprises a short " kain tenun betating " ( a woven cloth attached with coins and bells at the bottom end ), a rattan or brass ring corset, selampai ( long scarf ) or marik empang ( beaded top cover ), sugu tinggi ( high comb made of silver ), simpai ( bracelets on upper arms ), tumpa ( bracelets on lower arms ) and buah pauh ( fruits on hand ).


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