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  1. The intervals of time in which a value is valid are captured through the historization of attributes and ties, e g the changes of hair color of a person or the period of time during which a person was married.
  2. Yang is generally considered a member of the Doubting Antiquity School, as he argued that the pre-Xia Dynasty history recorded in ancient texts was " historization " of prehistoric mythology, a position that is widely accepted by today's historians.
  3. As the editors emphasize in their introduction, their goal was the  objectification of the discussion of national-socialist times & The intention is not to  downplay anything : Only an emphatically sober historiography, free of moralising bias, can create the foundation for assessing the historical and political-moral dimensions of the mass crimes committed by national-socialism .  In Zitelmann's opinion, the " historization " of National Socialism suggested by Martin Broszat was a way of resolving the problem of either engaging in apologetics about the Nazi era or utter condemnation.
  4. The American historian Gavriel D . Rosenfeld wrote about Broszat's call for " historization " that : " In the 1980s, the German historian Martin Broszat famously argued that overtly moral analyses of the Third Reich suffered from their embrace of a " black-and-white " perspective that drew too rigid a dichotomy between perpetrators and victims, obscured the era's gray complexity, bracketed off the Third Reich from " normal " modes of historical analysis ( such as an empathetic perspective towards the historical actors themselves ) and prevented it from being integrated into the large sweep of German history . . . At the same time, an overly moralistic view runs the risk of mythologizing history and transforming it into a collection of moral ethical lessons that, over time, can easily become stale and cease to resonate within society at large.
  5. Broszat used as an example of his approach, the " Ley Plan " as the wide-ranging reform of the German social insurance system proposed in 1940 by the Beveridge Plan of 1943 ( through the German plan applied only to those classified as " Aryans " ) Broszat argued that such a comparative approach would place the Nazi era in a better broader European and German context, especially since Broszat argued that the German plan of 1940 was in many ways the forerunner of the West German social insurance plan of 1957 with such features as pensions guaranteed by the state indexed to the level of GNP ( which was not surprising given that many of the same people worked on both plans ) In response to Broszat s call for the " historization " of National Socialism, the historian Rainer Zitelmann suggested that Broszat s " historization " approach was a fruitful view that just as not everything was evil in the Soviet Union, not everything was evil about Nazi Germany and that the Nazi regime accomplished many successful social reforms


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