history cardの例文


  1. Charlton played the history card, presenting England as the birthplace of modern soccer.
  2. If anything, we played a history card.
  3. There were two separate Babe Ruth issues, the Piece of History card ( Run of 350 ) and the Piece of History 500 ( print run of only 50 ).
  4. Dirk, that is indeed a very clever proposal, NOT . And please don't pull the history card, lingua francas come and go, but that notion should never stop us from learning the current one.
  5. On the way out, visitors and workers file through human cattle pens, push open doors when green lights click on, and finally meet guards who minutely search their clothes, pick out the gravel caught in their shoe soles, and give them a full-body X-ray . ( To prevent overdoses, workers have X-ray history cards and cannot tell when the X-ray operator is scanning them or faking it .)


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