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  1. The clue eventually discovered with the Detour, a choice between Herd and Hoe Down.
  2. In Hoe Down, teams travelled to Karczma Czarci Jar Restaurant where they donned traditional clothing and learned a Polish axe dance.
  3. There were whoops and cheers when four female teachers bravely demonstrated a square dance during a performance of " Hoe Down " from Copland's " Rodeo ."
  4. Each " Tough Grit " episode centers around a particular everyday rural farm chore, ranging from mending a fence or mucking a horse stall to grading a lane and throwing a hoe down.
  5. And two of them _ " Your Plums-Fall-Hoe Down " and " Banana Split-Eating Shave " _ made it into a colorful book based on the exhibit, which appeared in late 1998.


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