hoe outの例文


  1. Large expanses of non-native species were bulldozed from the area, as others were manually hoed out.
  2. Don't sow the seed directly in the garden : it is tiny, and the seedlings will look so much like weeds that they are likely to be hoed out.
  3. The X Bar specializes in mountain biking, offering more than 20 miles of trails chainsawed and grubbing hoed out of the rugged limestone hills and the less daunting topsoil of the lowlands.
  4. Bragging about money ?'Gucci Mane call Obama, wanna buy the dollar sign / feels like first day of school, my swag killed'em like Columbine .'Weed ?'Roll a bag of cannabis / they got this shit from Canada .'Um & money again ?'Making love to the money, I swear the sex great / I kick them hoes out but let the money stay .'Really, Gucci kicking ridonkulous rhymes over beats from southern royalty Drumma Boy and Zaytoven is enough to make your weekend.


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