hoisting machineryの例文


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  1. They also made all kinds of hoisting machinery.
  2. The vessel was equipped with electric lighting, and steam-powered steering gear and hoisting machinery.
  3. Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to safety provisions for workers in the building industry with reference to scaffolding and hoisting machinery, . ..
  4. The Overhead Alliance is a group that represents Crane Manufacturers Association of America ( CMAA ), Shanghai WANBO Hoisting Machinery ( VANBON ), Hoist Manufacturers Institute ( HMI ), and Monorail Manufacturers Association ( MMA ).
  5. A shaft was sunk, hoisting machinery purchased and a tramway laid from the mine to the Harbord battery, ( this tramway was listed on the Register of the National Estate ) the old system of carting quartz by drays having been found to be very expensive.


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