1. The enlarged " Metropolitan Area " Council will have 105 councilors, twice as many are now, and the Government will appoint a governor, a position which would be homologized to the prefect of Bucharest.
  2. The FIL felt that luge athletes were able to cope with this speed, but " this was not a direction the FIL would like to see the sport head ", and that President Fendt had written to the 2014 Sochi Organizing Committee that the FIL would homologize the proposed Sochi track only if speeds did not exceed.
  3. For example, in Atharva Veda, a mantra recommended for a woman who wishes to win or compel a man's love is,'Love's consuming longing, this passion this yearning, which the gods have poured, into the waters of life, I kindle for thee ( " tam te tapmi " ), by the law of Varuna .'Desire ( " kma " ) is homologized with the concept of " Tapas ", to explain the feelings and inner energy that leads to sexual intercourse.


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