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  1. On one occasion, they had to prevent the First Lady from bursting in on a Harding clinch-in the White House coat cupboard.
  2. On the north side of the tower there is a former external doorway exhibiting the Trinity House coat of arms, which now leads to the engine room.
  3. On the floor can be seen the Loyola house coat of arms, a cannon in remembrance of the Saint s wound and a big sunflower a symbol of Ignatius heart open to Jesus.
  4. Naeem Khan thinks it's super bulky, and Georgina Chapman thinks it was a " house coat on steroids . " The judges are very disappointed in Sam's drab design, given his two challenge wins.
  5. They ransack the house for civilian clothes to enable him to escape  each, unknown to the others, slipping a photograph of herself into the pocket of his jacket  a favourite house coat of the Colonel's.


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