1. Hufnagl inspects the girls at work to pick up their personalities.
  2. Model agent Ursula Hufnagl described Kerr as " the perfect endorsement ", citing her ability to " truly sell a product ".
  3. The market town made headlines at the turn of the millennium as the former mayor Franz Hufnagl was sentenced to three years in prison, charged with rape, sexual assault, and abuse of authority.
  4. At judging, Courtenay, Danielle and Elza were praised for their photos, while Michaela was praised by Sara and Chris, but Ursula Hufnagl thinks that she looks too relaxed in a wrong setting.
  5. The girls arrive at an old heritage building in downtown Auckland where they are greeted by Colin and special guest Ursula Hufnagl who unknown to the girls at the time, is the owner of Chic Model Management.


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