i once loved a lassの例文


  1. It also resembles the tune of the folk song " I Once Loved A Lass " and the penultimate verse of that song is clearly the model for Dylan's last verse.
  2. The album's title is a reference to the last track, the traditional Scots song " I Once Loved a Lass ", which includes an enigmatic verse that asks " how many ships sail through the forest ?"
  3. Tom took the lead vocals on many of the group's songs, such as " The Rising of the Moon ", " The Moonshiner ", " Haul Away Joe ", " Red Haired Mary ", " The Barnyards of Delgaty ", " Carrickfergus ", " I Once Loved a Lass ", and " The Bold Fenian Men ", among others.
  4. According to Heylin, " Ballad in Plain D " takes its melody and refrain ( " my friends say unto me & " ) from the Scottish folk song, " I Once Loved A Lass ( The False Bride ) " . " The song graphically details the night of his breakup with Suze, " writes Heylin . " Dylan's portrayal of Carla as the'parasite sister'remains a cruel and inaccurate portrait of a woman who had started out as one of [ Dylan's ] biggest fans, and changed only as she came to see the degrees of emotional blackmail he subjected her younger sister to . " Asked in 1985 if there were any songs he regretted writing, Dylan singled out " Ballad in Plain D ", saying " I look back at that particular one and say & maybe I could have left that alone ."


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