1. Notable among these are the Igbira, the Bini, the Igbo, the Hausa, the Idoma and the Yoruba ethnic groups.
  2. Dynasties apart, the clans of the Igbira Tao ( Okene area ), the Osomari Igbo south of Onitsha, some clans of the Idoma and Agatu claim migrations from Igala territory.
  3. The dynasties of the Igbira kingdoms of Panda and Igu, the rulers of the Alago kingdom of Doma, Attama and Eze of the Nsukka area in north-west Igboland on the border of the Igala, as well as the Oku of Ikiri in North-east Yorubaland claim either that their founding ancestors came from Idah, or derive the legitimacy of the offices from the Atta of Igala.


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