in a timely mannerの例文


  1. Execute your tasks in a timely manner and you will remain intact .
    タイミング良く仕事してね あなたは、そのまま生き残こる
  2. I mean , hank , basic reports aren't being filed in a timely manner .
    つまり、ハンク、基本報告が きちんと送られていないんだ
  3. In the places to which he was appointed , he advised the local people to have a regular vocation , and instructed them on cultivation planning , planting fruit trees , keeping chickens or porks in a timely manner , establishing ordinances on them .
  4. Even after temporarily realizing the actual situation of the sake brewing industry through the revision of the sakekabu system in the genroku era , the bakufu repeatedly conducted the revision of the sakekabu system in a timely manner because the gap between shuzokabu amount and the amount of rice for brewing sake would again continue to widen unless actions were taken .


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