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  1. Gruber left Czechoslovakia in a transport of Jewish youths during the early days of the Nazi occupation.
  2. Once the UFO has been shot down the player can send in a transport of soldiers to carry out a tactical mission to neutralize the aliens and capture their equipment.
  3. Gruber came to Israel in a transport of Jewish youth in the early days if the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia and also tried unsuccessfully to contact Albright's father after the war.
  4. Korbel said another cousin, Josephina Gruber, lives near Tel Aviv . Gruber came to British Mandatory Palestine in a transport of Jewish youths in the early days of the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia.
  5. Of his prose works the most distinguished for animation and eloquence is the " Panegyric on Trajan ", composed in a transport of indignation at the supposed feebleness of Machiavelli and Michelangelo.


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