in a twinklingの例文


  1. Kanginshu contains 311 ballads that depict lively feelings of people in the muromachi period , including a poem that presents a widespread attitude of the time to live only for the pleasure of the moment: ' what to do with you , so serious , so sane ? this life is a dream , just play , go crazy !' and a tanka (thirty-one syllables ' poem ) with a view of life as something transient and empty ' the world goes by just in a flicker of time , in a twinkling .'
    「なにせうぞ くすんで 一期は夢よ ただ狂へ」など、当時の刹那的な雰囲気がよく現れたもの、「世の中は ちろりに過ぐる ちろりちろり」などの無常観、室町びとが感情を託して歌った311首がおさめられている。


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