in broad senseの例文


  1. KTL performed research in public health in broad sense, and monitored diseases.
  2. In broad sense, acquired factors practically include any factor that is not based on a genetic mutation, including any intrauterine exposure to toxins during fetal development, which may present as infertility many years later as an adult.
  3. Lalgarh jattan is known for its people's, palaces, desert, and wild lives but in broad sense it is the people who make this village a lively and lovely place The vibrancy, love for life, the colorful costumes they wear, make the people of Lalgarh jattan quite different from the people of other parts of the District . Fairs and festivals are celebrated with joy and ecstasy.
  4. The Anti-Monopoly Law of China in narrow sense refers only to the Anti-Monopoly Law of the People s Republic of China passed by the National People s Congress on 30 August 2007 and implemented as of 1 August 2008 ( hereinafter the  AML ) while in broad sense to the anti-monopoly legal system of China including not only the AML and the post-AML ancillary legislative and legal documents for the purpose of enforcing the AML but also all pre-AML legislative and administrative document with anti-monopoly nature, as well as regulatory or administrative enforcement, private enforcement and judicial procedures.


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