in commissionの例文


  1. Eight hundred thousand in commission dollars .
  2. You two braniacs rented a van that was used in commission of a crime .
    お前らが乗ってた車は 犯罪に使われた物だ
  3. Shouldn't you have received tens of millions in commissions out of the 3 billion ?
    3億のうちの何千万かは 手数料でもらってるはずでしょ?
  4. Ossotonin (the head of legal institutions ) and two or three ossobugyo (temporary positions in charge of retrials and accepting appeals ) from hikitsukeshu were in commission (according to " kanto hyojo den " (an annual listing of personnel for the years 1226 and 1232 to 1284 ) and so on , ossotonin might be a part of ossobugyo in a broad sense ).
  5. Hanzo yamanashi , the minister of army , giichi tanaka , the former minister of army , and aritomo yamagata , the genro , rebelled to appoint the civil officer to the minister of military , because it was not appropriate to the imperial rescript to soldiers and sailors and the understanding of supreme command in the constitution of the empire of japan , the government regulations of the ministry of army and navy described that the minister of military should be the major captain and lieutenant general in commission or reserve duty (the military ministers to be officers on active-duty rule was not adopted at that time .) , and iaku-joso (making comments on military affairs to the emperor with full responsibility of the results ) by the minister of army and navy included a part related to the supreme command , the substitution of the duty by the civil officer would be the unconstitutional action against the independence of the supreme command which secured under the constitution .


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