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  1. In compensation for the cow , tsunugaarashito was given a white stone which was enshrined in the village as god .
  2. Kinroku kosai was the public bond issued for people in the class below aristocrats in compensation for the abolition of the roku-rewarding system after the meiji restoration .
  3. On the contrary , the kyoto imperial court tried to impose tax in compensation for allowing sakaya to carry on their business in order to cover the decreased income from koryo (an imperial demesne ).
  4. The only exception in this was hirado of the hirado domain , but it was a trade off in compensation for the edo bakuf ' s seizing of their trading rights to the netherlands , which provided enormous revenue to the hirado domain .
  5. In the muromachi period , tonobara-shu were delegated in charge of katata checkpoint; afterwards they gained the right to get a kind of transit duty , called uwanori , in compensation for not pirating non-katata ships .


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