in contradiction toの例文


  1. in medieval times , japan rather imported gold , which was in contradiction to the legend of zipangu , a land of gold .
  2. shojin ryori at restaurants are sometimes cooked with the aim of providing dainty food that is in contradiction to the buddhist notion of a meal .
  3. in the meaning of chinese character , the term ' matsuri ' (祭 ) refers to a funeral ceremony in the countries which use chinese characters , and in present-day japan , the term ' matsuri ' (祭り ) has a meaning in contradiction to that in china , but , when focusing on the comfort , this term has the same meaning in essentials .
  4. in an ' age of decadence ' in which buddhism ' s standing was weakening , the teachings of ' exclusive nenbutsu ' that people are not saved by the aspiration for buddhahood and that , with the exception of nenbutsu , there is no other method of being reborn in paradise were in contradiction to the beliefs myoe who emphasized discipline and the attainment of enlightenment .


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