in points of detailの例文


  1. Scotland evolved a similar system, differing in points of detail.
  2. But these disagreements in point of detail came down to one big thing : Riviera was simply not the kind of man who could fit easily within the narrow political and personal discipline demanded by people like Trotsky.
  3. The reform had by then received some modifications in points of detail by the reform commission, in which one of the leading members was Christopher Clavius, who afterwards wrote defences and an explanation of the reformed calendar, including an emphatic acknowledgement of Lilio's work, especially for his provision of a useful reform for the lunar cycle : " We owe much gratitude and praise to Luigi Giglio who contrived such an ingenious Cycle of Epacts which, inserted in the calendar, always shows the new moon and so can be easily adapted to any length of the year, if only at the right moments the due adjustment is applied . " The papal bull ( " Inter gravissimas " ) was issued on 24 February 1582, ordering Catholic clergy to adopt the new calendar, and exhorting Catholic sovereigns to do the same.


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