in poor physical conditionの例文


  1. since murasaki no ue fell seriously ill , she has always been in poor physical condition .
  2. she became pregnant around may and remained in poor physical condition , but inexperienced nioumiya did not notice and naka no miya spent her days in loneliness .
  3. on the day of the purification ceremony (when the saiin (an imperial princess appointed to serve the deities of the kamo-jinja shrines ) performs her ablutions on the beach of the kamo river ) of the kamo festival (also called the aoi (hollyhock ) festival , which is held on the day of the rooster in the fourth month (old lunar calendar )) , there occurs a dispute over where to park the spectators ' carriages between the retainers of rokujo no miyasudokoro , one of genji ' s lovers who had been watching without disclosing her identity , and the retainers of lady aoi , genji ' s lawful wife who was pregnant at that time and had been in poor physical condition and so was there to watch the event for some diversion .
    賀茂祭(葵祭、4月 (旧暦)の中の酉の日)の御禊(斎院が加茂川の川原で体を禊する)の日、身分を隠して見物していた源氏の愛人・六条御息所の一行は、同じくその当時懐妊して体調が悪く気晴らしに見物に来ていた源氏の正妻・葵の上の一行と、見物の場所をめぐっての車争いを起こす。


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