in propria personaの例文


  1. Because she had not been admitted to the Supreme Court bar, she appeared in court acting " in propria persona " ( in her own person ).
  2. Judge Garcia cited eight cases filed in propria persona by McColm that had either been decided against her or were unjustifiably permitted to languish for more than two years without having been brought to trial.
  3. The play also employs a induction, in which the boy actors are seen, apparently " in propria persona, " discussing the roles they are about to play and the way in which their parts should be performed.
  4. Author Karen Holliday Tanner, in " Doc Holliday, A Family Portrait ", speculated that Holliday may not have been in Pueblo at the time of the court date, citing a in propria persona " or " in his own person ".


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