in return toの例文


  1. About giving something in return to tanokurakun .
  2. Then she is attacked by yashio , whom she kills in return to avenge the death of senmatsu , but the scroll is taken away by a mouse .
  3. Korea received sakuho (the title , etc . given in return to tribute to china ) during the era of the qing dynasty , but the era name of the ming dynasty was favored by intellectuals .
  4. The contents of the picture scroll match the story marked down in " godansho ," written by oe no masafusa , and the story is about kibi no makibi , a japanese envoy sent to tang dynasty china , who succeeds in returning to japan after being imprisoned during his visit to tang by solving arduous tasks: " monzen " (wen-hsuan , ancient chinese poems ) igo (board game of capturing territory ) and more set by the emperor of tang , with the guidance of his companion abe no nakamaro who passed away and became a ghost .
    絵巻の内容は、大江匡房の『江談抄』に記される物語と一致しており、遣唐使の吉備真備が在唐中に幽閉され、鬼(幽霊)となった安倍仲麻呂に導かれて、皇帝による『文選 (書物)』や囲碁による無理難題を解いて、遂に帰国を達成する、というものである。


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