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  1. The imperial court gave 30 disciples to him in reward for his great achievements .
  2. The meiji government offered a land for a diplomatic mission to mexico in reward for the conclusion of the treaty .
  3. On may 30 , taira no kiyomune , son of munemori , was conferred the rank of jusanmi (junior third rank ) in reward for his martial accomplishments .
  4. It is said that shingyo (monk ), who was considered to have revitalized kojima-dera temple , received it in reward for praying for the return of the emperor ichijo ' s health .
    これは、子嶋寺中興の祖とされる真興 (僧)が一条天皇の病気平癒祈願の功により賜ったと伝わる。
  5. Tamehisa ishida , a grandson of yoshitsugu miura , was granted ishida-mura village in omi province in reward for having slain minamoto no yoshinaka , and moved to the village with his clan .


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