in the bloom of youthの例文


  1. It is 146 minutes long, which means that I entered the theater in the bloom of youth and emerged with a family of field mice living in my long, white mustache.
  2. Oh, the pomp of pep rallies, the tingling excitement stimulated by the band playing the fight song and the cheers from the stadium during the game _ yes, and the adoring attention from the girls _ all contributed to a sense of a special time in the bloom of youth.
  3. Films as small and handmade as Dylan Kidd's " p . s ., " as emotionally extravagant as " Being Julia, " and as broad in appeal as " The Incredibles " tackle similar issues from the angles of baby boomer women, actresses no longer in the bloom of youth, and, yes, cartoon superheroes.
  4. Within 30 feet of the entrance, for example, you will move from a Roman medal bearing Alexander the Great's likeness, to a finely detailed Late Dynasty head of an old man to a Yuan porcelain stem cup to Ghirlandaio's gossamer portrait of a Florentine noblewoman in the bloom of youth, her neck encircled by coal beads.


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