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  1. "In the Penny Arcade, " a collection of stories and a novella appeared in 1986.
  2. The week of September 14, 2009 saw the release of " Origin of Species " ( a satire of Creation Science ) which was included in the Penny Arcade Expo track pack.
  3. In The Penny Arcade Report's preview of the game, senior editor Ben Kuchera called it " a must-play game that should entrance even those skeptical of stealth games ."
  4. Handke listed some " Rules for the actors " at the beginning of the script including such things as watching " the behaviour of tramps and idlers as they amble on the street and play the machines in the penny arcades ."
  5. Sock # 3 vandalizes my user page, again attacking web comic art ( for those who do not know, Tycho and Gabe are the main characters in the Penny Arcade webcomic strip ) in the same manor that the sockpuppeteer and sock # 1 have.


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