in troublous timesの例文


  1. We are not so happy in the world, when all things go well with us, as we are with Jesus in troublous times.
  2. Probably in troublous times this subterraneous chamber was used for worship but later it appears to have been used as a charnel house : piles of human bones were found within.
  3. Leo echoed the words of the oldest known Marian prayer ( known in the Latin tradition as the  Sub Tuum Praesidium ), when he wrote,  It has always been the habit of Catholics in danger and in troublous times to fly for refuge to Mary .  He then gives a brief history of the rosary.
  4. You can also meet the likes of Isaac Nathan, an English composer who collaborated with Byron before he was " ruined financially by some unspecified services to William IV " and emigrated to Australia, where his opera, " Merry Freaks in Troublous Times, " had some success; or Wojciech Zywny _ the last entry in the dictionary _ a Polish piano teacher whose students included Chopin.


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