in-depth explorationの例文


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  1. In the post - industry ages , the space is very limited for the enterprise to make an in - depth exploration of profit increasing point in the production field
  2. The paper is centered on an in - depth exploration of the idea of csr and its practice from the perspective of the relationships between the government , society and enterprises
  3. Owing to the scarcity of historical materials , it requires careful and cautious search for , in - depth exploration , conscientious differentiation and analyses of any materials before the specific original place is located
  4. Based on an industry project , this thesis makes an in - depth exploration of eai in electronic design automation ( eda ) field and finally a system named isys is successfully implemented
  5. So in this thesis an in - depth exploration of the finite element simulation of fully grouted bolt will be done starting from the study of mechanics mechanism of fully grouted bolt , the result will provide reference for the design of fully grouted bolt and this have value of theory and engineering


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