in-depth studyの例文


  1. (however , a recent in-depth study has revealed the cause of the destruction of azuchi castle to be the intrusion of natives aiming to plunder it .)
  2. kinpisho was an in-depth study of the root and origin of manners and etiquette of ceremonies performed at the imperial court , with an intent to pass the ancient customs down to succeeding generations .
  3. within this district , they organized the ' kayabuki-no-sato preservation society ' and made an in-depth study on various issues to strike a balance between preserving the historic area and lifestyle of residents .
  4. historians and scholars of architectural history were in dispute about the year of construction of horyu-ji temple (and whether or not the temple had been rebuilt ), which led to a more in-depth study of japan ' s architectural history using methods such as archaeological excavation and surveying remnants of ancient structures , examining the styles of existing buildings and studying literature such as rikkokushi (japan ' s six national histories ).
  5. standing in need of reinforcing the shinto teaching , which became clear through the stagnant taikyo-senpu and the subsequent pantheon dispute , some bureaucrats of the ministry of home affairs including akiyoshi yamada and several scholars of japanese literature such as isao matsuno established a research institute ' purely for the purpose of an in-depth study of the national literature ' in obedience to an order of his imperial prince arisugawanomiya takahito .
    この大教宣布の不振、それに続く祭神論争によりその教学の未成熟さを実感した神道はその教学の深化に迫られ、1882年(明治15年)8月23日に、有栖川宮幟仁親王の令旨を奉じた山田顕義ら内務省 (日本)官僚と、松野勇雄ら数名の国文学者が「専ら国典を講究するため」として研究機関を設立した。


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