india paperの例文


  1. By contrast they may also be printed on India Paper, a strong, thin, opaque paper.
  2. These are the online version of the Archealogical Survey of India papers translated about 75 years ago by respected historians.
  3. Indeed, according to Max Johl, fine details that showed particularly well in the black-ink die proof of the stamp on India paper were fatally compromised " when the stamps were printed on the regular stamp paper by fast presses [ in ] red ink " resulting in " a very mediocre effect . " Within two months, the Post Office had decided to replace this so-called Washington " flag " stamp, and in November 1903 it offered a new Washington " shield " issue, which met greater favor . ( By this time, Raymond Ostrander Smith had left the BEP, and the replacement was designed by Clair Aubrey Houston . ) Nor did the 1?stamp go unscathed on its release . " The New York Times " responded with a withering sarcasm so uncharacteristic of its normal tone that some quotation is appropriate:


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