indiafirst life insurance companyの例文


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  1. IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company is a life insurance company in India.
  2. IndiaFirst Life insurance company is headquartered in Mumbai.
  3. Andhra Bank entered MoU with Bank of Baroda and Legal & General Group of UK to form a joint venture life insurance company IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company.
  4. The company formed a joint venture with two Indian public sector banks, Bank of Baroda and Andhra Bank to launch IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company in India in 2009 and outsourced its remaining IT areas to IBM in October 2010.
  5. It has been attended by CEOs of leading corporate houses like Kellogg's, J & J, Club Mahindra Holidays, SBI Life Insurance Company, Ambit, Axis Securities Limited, Emerson, RPG Group, APCO Worldwide, IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company, etc.


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