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  1. The company was founded by Vishal Gondal, the former CEO & Founder of Indiagames.
  2. Indiagames was India s largest integrated game developer-publisher across mobile, online and the Interactive Television.
  3. In December 2004 and partnered with Indiagames, the Walt Disney Internet Group released Disney games, wallpapers and ringtones in the Indian market which is also available on AirTel.
  4. Khan marketed merchandise related to the film, which included toys, UTV Indiagames to design a social game titled " Ra . One Genesis ", with an independent plot based on G . One,
  5. UTV Disney Managing Director-Digital and " Indiagames " founder Vishal Gondal decided to quit from India s premier gaming company in April 2013 as he wanted to concentrate on his investments in startups and also to pursue entrepreneurship.


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