indian 10th infantry divisionの例文


  1. The Middle East Command hastily assembled a formation known as Iraqforce  which included the Indian 10th Infantry Division and the Arab Legion  and it arrived on April 18.
  2. When the Indian 10th Infantry Division was moved to North Africa in June 1942 he commanded the 25th Indian Brigade stationed at Gambut, half way between Halfaya and Tobruk.
  3. Auchinleck, however, acted decisively, sending a battalion of the King's Own Royal Regiment by air to Habbaniya and shipping the Indian 10th Infantry Division by sea to Basra.
  4. As part of Iraqforce ( or Paiforce in Persia ), Brigadier Powell commanded the 20th Indian Brigade of the Indian 10th Infantry Division during the Anglo-Iraqi War, the Syria-Lebanon campaign, and the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Persia.
  5. Weld commanded the 21st Indian Brigade of the Indian 10th Infantry Division ( part of Iraqforce ) during the Anglo-Iraqi War and the Syria-Lebanon campaign . 21st Indian Brigade was attached to " Hazelforce " during the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Persia and Weld was mentioned in despatches for his services in Persia and Iraq.


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