industry and commerce departmentの例文


  1. On 4 February 2009 he took over the office of Principal Secretary of the Industries and Commerce Department.
  2. According to a recent census of the Industry and Commerce department, there are about 3000 establishments of all kinds of operating in the capital.
  3. He was the Managing Director of APIIC from May 2005 ( and was designated as Chairman & Managing Director of APIIC from 7 June 2007 ) till December 2009 . He was later Principal Secretary, Industries and Commerce Department.
  4. He was also largely successful in taking the Industries and Commerce Department to the doorstep of the average entrepreneur by launching the innovative schemes of KarmaJyoti ( beneficiary scheme for the weavers and artisans ) and Chatra UdyogJyoti ( motivational scheme for entrepreneurship ).


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