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  1. The painting could be read as a Victorian version of William Hogarth's " Industry and Idleness ".
  2. Published versions of the text also generally include an essay by Leo Tolstoy, sometimes known as " Industry and Idleness ", which introduces and elaborates upon the work and its ideas.
  3. His friend, J . T . Smith, related that plates of Hogarth's Industry and Idleness hung in the schoolroom; once a month Adams read a lecture on these examples and then rewarded the industrious boys and caned the idle.
  4. :By the way, it is mentioned Hogarth could have remembered Sheppard in " Industry and Idleness ", but is that not our boy a-dangle upstage in the sheet illustrated qp10qp 17 : 05, 30 January 2007 ( UTC)
  5. ""'Industry and Idleness " "'is the title of a series of 12 plot-linked engravings created by William Hogarth in 1747, intending to illustrate to working children the possible rewards of hard work and diligent application and the sure disasters attending a lack of both.


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